The score is drawn at 33 - 33 at Twickenham Stadium, England. The date is Saturday 31st October 2015, and your kick will win the Rugby World Cup.

If your passion is Rugby and you love the Rugby World Cup too, then we've got something special for you.... a fantastic iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app, called 'Kick Rugby'. Available at iTunes NOW for just £.69p/$0.99c...

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  1. Joey
    7 years ago

    Cool app!

    Love it…


  2. admin
    8 years ago

    Lewys Coombes – ★★★★★

    by lewyyssssssssssssssss – Version 1.0 – 07 September 2011

    Amazing app! rugby apps dont get better than this!!!!!


  3. admin
    8 years ago

    Brilliant! – ★★★★★

    by Bparsons1984 – Version 1.0 – 07 September 2011

    Outstanding, by far the best rugby game on iOS! Can’t put it down.


  4. admin
    8 years ago


    by Nitrothunder12
    Great game for Rugby fans, fun gameplay. Highly recommend it.